Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"Must Do's" when polishing up

Ø Snip nails to the desired length and then File and buff away. I prefer nails to be quite short with a roundish/slightly square shape. However each to their own and any shape as long as you can function in them is perfect

Ø Whenever you use any polishes always use a “Base & Top coat”, at the moment I’m using China Glaze.
China Glaze "First & Last" coat - Amazon £4.50

Ø Once you have put on the base coat and applied the First coat I always seal the tips before applying the second coat. I find this reduces chipping and helps your manicure last longer.

Ø After applying your desired number of coats, I normally keep it between 2-3 coats maximum. Always apply a top coat.

Ø From day to day I tend to apply a clear top coat to refresh the colour.
ØTo keep those cuticles at bay and moisturised I like to apply cuticle oil everday. I use OPI nail treatments avoplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil which you can buy from boots for £16.50
OPI oil - £16.50 from boots

Big Apple Red

Hello my beauts!! Now that the weather seems to be perking up its time to get the vibrant gloss on those finger tips. As I went to see the Lion King in the theatre over the weekend I thought it best to bring out my inner lioness with this beautiful OPI red nail lacquer. OPI is one of my favorite brands as I find the colour really does last. I’ve had this particular colour since last summer and the polish still feels brand new, not sticky at all and glides on the nails as easy as the first day I tried it.
OPI - Big Apple Red

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Friday, 26 April 2013

Bear with me peeps!!!!

ok my lovelies!!! you will have to bear with me I am just getting started with my tweeting, blogging and instagraming.....will up load some new posts and pics and many more. Back in a jiffy...xxx