Wednesday, 18 December 2013

My Love with the Iphone 5s Gold

Hey Dolls!!

So finally I got round to upgrading my iphone 4s (woohoo), Now this was a very tough decision to make as I  was very undecided on whether I should get the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Iphone 5s in Gold.

Samsung Vs Apple

In the end I went with the in the end I decided on the new iphone 5s in Gold. The reason I went for the iphone 5s was because I guess I was used to the way iphones work as I spent nearly 2 years with the 4s. If i'm totally honest there's not much difference from the 4s and the 5s as they both work pretty much the same.

However I do love the beautiful gold finish on my iphone 5s and I must say it's lighter and slimmer than my previous phone. Also the camera has improved and now has 8mega pixels so you can shoot some great memories on the go.

The 5s has touch ID sensor which allows you to unlock the phone as well as make purchases just by scanning your finger print. ummmm I have yet to master this little tool and have to often try a few times until the phone unlocks some getting used to. 

All round I am extremely happy with my new iphone, and as always I am able to keep all my social media up to date while on the go.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas gift ideas for her

Hi lovelies!!

Reaching out to those who haven't yet bought a single present and are struggling to buy a gift for your special someone. I take it if you're reading this you are struggling to find your special someone the perfect gift.

I have therefore gathered a few gift ideas for Her to help you helpless shoppers out (lol). I know that it can be quite stressful especially if you haven't been paying attention to the recent hints being dropped about what the other one wants but hopefully these ideas will  help you when making your purchases.

Happy shopping peeps!! and Happy Holidays


ModestGlamAmor xxx

1. Tom Ford Black Orchid (50ml) Gift set from Harrods - This luxurious and sensual fragrance by Tom Ford is both timeless and modern. It's rich blend of tempting florals and rich fruit accords combined with the deep scent of Lotus wood is the perfect scent for a woman.

2.Fiji Bracelet by Monica Vinader - This beautiful 18ct rose gold vermeil on sterling silver bracelet with an adjustable cord is the perfect accessory. The Fiji bracelet is available in different colours and if you want to go the extra mile the bracelet gives you the option to have it engraved.

3. Nails inc Diary collection gift set from Debenhams - For girls who are obsessed with having their nails done, this is the gift for them. This gift includes 12 full size polishes and features some of Nails inc best sellers.

4. Mini Lip Glace collection in Bare Nudes by Laura Mercier from SpaceNK - It can be tricky when buying someone make-up as it's quite personal, however this mini lip glace Nude collection is great as you can never go wrong with a nude lip gloss.

5. GHD V Shimmering Silver Deluxe set from HQ Hair - This is a great gift to keep a woman's locks in tip top style. This set not only comes with a travel hair dyer but also a heat resistant vanity clutch to carry your straighteners around.

6. Limited Edition Punk Studded leather Messenger bag from Zara - This fabulous arm candy is the perfect accessory to give as a gift. It can be worn in a messenger style or as a shoulder bag to carry around her essentials in style.

7. Christian Loboutin So Kate Patent pumps - This gift is every girls dream shoe, this classic shoe in this beautiful Nude shade is perfect for a girls shoe collection.

8.Moroccanoil Styling Essentials from HqHair - This is perfect for someone who loves to keep their locks intact.

9. Apple Ipad mini - This handy little gadget is great to slip into anybodies handbag with it's sleek design. Great to keep in touch via emails or for watching your favourite movie. Make it personal with Apple's free engraving option


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

November Wish List!!

Hey Dolls!!

So its been a while since I last posted as things have been a little hectic. I however have conjured up a hefty wish list for this November which has perfect timing considering that Christmas is just around the corner, so if anyone is struggling with what to get me pay attention...LOL.
I kept the theme Grey, Black and Nude as they are my favourite colours at the moment. With all these items you can mix match and create beautiful Day and Evening outfits.

I hope you want these as much as I do!!

Thursday, 3 October 2013

An Evening at the Classic Brits 2013

Hey Dolls!!

Treats at Classic Brits 2013
VIP - Private Box
Last night I was invited to the Classic Brits and was feeling a tad skeptical about going as I wouldn't say classical music was my genre. However I went with an open mind determined to have fun and let’s face it who turns down an excuse to get dressed up not to mention we had our own private box (very posh).
The evening entailed a variety of amazing performers including Lang Lang, Nicola Bendetti, Jack Topping, and Amy Dickson to name a few.

Attending the ClassicBrits opened my eyes and taught me things that I didn’t know about music and film.  For example if someone mentioned Hans Zimmer I would have said who?, however last night I learned that he is a composer and a music producer who has composed music for over 100 Films including Batman, superman, Pirates of the Caribbean and The lion King. Last night I had the pleasure of witnessing in person a medley of only a few tracks he has composed and it was to say the least a magical and enjoyable experience.
The whole evening was amazing with great presenters including Johnathan Ross and Michael Kane who had me in stitches, as well as a very heart felt tribute Luciano Pavarotti that almost brought a tear to my eye.  
Myleen Klass not only looked amazing but was a wonderful host and I can see why she has been the host of the awards for a number of years.

All in all a brilliant and memorable evening!!

As it was so last minute I had to scramble through my wardrobe and I put this outfit together

Blazer H&M
Dress H&M
Shoes Carvela
Bag Fendi

Review: Essie Cocktail Bling

Hey beauts!!

So my colour for this week is Essie's "Cocktail Bling", which is a delicate grey shade to go with London's gloomy weather.
Essie - Cocktail Bling
"Cocktail Bling" is great for any occasion whether it be for a fun loving party or a lazy day at home, this shade will be sure to add an a edge to your look.

I've always been a fan of Essie as the consistency in their polishes are always great and rarely become gloopy or sticky.

Essie have changed the brush of their polishes and have made them slightly wider which makes it much easier when applying the lacquer to each nail.

Check out Essie's collection here

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Review: Miracles with Moroccan Argan oil

So I finally got my hands on some Moroccan Argan oil*!!.....I have been researching about this oil as I have heard it does wonders for your hair as well as your skin.
Moroccan Argan oil
Argan oil stems from Morocco where the oil is extracted from the nuts of an Argan tree, for years Moroccan natives have been using this oil so it’s no wonder why they always have long beautiful hair. This product is packed with Natural Anti-Oxidant Anti-Inflammatory which acts as anti-ageing tool for your hair and skin.
This particular oil is rich in vitamin E which is said to be related to thickening hair; it also helps to nourish and repair dry and delicate hair. I have also heard Argan oil is amazing when it comes to increasing elasticity, reduces splits ends and contains unsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 9 fatty acids which are said to be linked in repairing damaged hair follicles.

Secure in this knowledge I was on a mission to find the best argan oil available on the market, as you know I’m always looking for new ways to promote healthy looking hair. I recently came across Moroccan 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil* which is one of the purest oils available, which is why I was so excited to use it.

Add caption

The oil comes as a spray which helps reduce mess when it comes to applying it to your hair or skin, I find that it’s quite thick oil and found it easier to apply it on wet hair. I definitely feel that my ends were completely nourished and gave my hair a healthy shine.

Healthy locks
If you have thin hair you might find the oil a little thick to apply it to dry hair and therefore might find it better to apply it to damp hair.
On the other hand If you have thick, frizzy and uncontrollable hair this product is great to apply on dry and damp hair in order to tame the appearance.
With winter’s arrival this product is a must when it comes to hydrating and locking in moisture after exposure to this harsh weather.

Check out all this benefits of Moroccan Argan oil here 

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Review: Hand cream saviour - Laidbare

Hey Beauts!!

Don’t know about you but since the weather change has come about my soft supple hands have become almost like sand paper (Ewww).

Laidbare - In Safe Hands

So I have been looking for a good hand cream to nourish my flaky paws and get them back to their normal state. Now I love creams that are thick but not sticky, because I feel the thicker the cream the more nourishing they are.

Non greasy - Laidbare
Great Texture for a hand cream
 I recently came across this hand cream by Laidbare*, which has definitely helped me regain softness and comes with a beautiful scent. The cream is enriched with sunflower oil, Shea butter and packed with Vitamin C, which is probably why my hands feel soft as a baby’s bottom.

It’s the perfect size for your handbag, so there is no excuse for crusty hands people!! Get moisturing.

Check out Laidbare here

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Evening chic with Avenue 32

Hey Fashionistas!!

I have found a little Gem! I wanted to share with you guys. I came across this cool online website Avenue 32 where I have managed to find some amazing treasures.

As the Christmas party season is just around the corner here are some great outfit wish lists I have put together. As much as I do love clothes and bags and the rest of it, at the moment I am really loving accessorising my outfits and have really fallen in love with Pamela Love's collection to jazz up an outfit.
I hope you love my picks just as much as I do.

Edgy Chic

    Evening Glamour

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Friday, 6 September 2013

Review: Silky smooth legs with my Braun epilator

Hey guys!! So recently I've had major dramas with my epilator breaking on me (sad times), I have been meaning to replace it but as always left it to the last minute until it completely broke on me, leaving me with half a legs to do.
BraunSilk-épil 7 
I hurried to my local Boots store to purchase my new epilator and to my delight they happen to having some amazing offers on a huge range of epilators. I've had my eye on the Braun Silk-épil 7 collection as you can use it when you are in the shower which might ease the pain. Thank god boots had this on offer and I managed to pick up this baby for £79.99 bargain considering it’s originally £119, let’s face it ladies this will last us a good few years.

A few of my friends have been going on how good their Braun epilators are, making me have epilator envy. I previously had a Remington epilator which has lasted me just over 2 years which was brilliant in the beginning but towards to the end of its times becoming almost useless.
40 Tweezers
BraunSilk-épil 7 has 40 tweezers in built therefore it is sure to pick up my small stray hairs. It also comes with 2 extra head caps, one for my underarms.

I absolutely love this little brush that cleans the epilator after use; I could have done with one of these for my last epilator.

How efficient is this gem it comes with a light so that no small hairs are missed and I guess you can epilate in the dark LOL.

Lights on
Make sure you exfoliate before you epilate any area to get rid of any dead skin, this will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs as well as leaving your skin extra smooth. This large mit is great for that.

Exfoliating mitten
Silky smooth legs

So get yourself down to Boots guys and check out the great offers on theirs epilators!! Wouldn't want you to miss out.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Review: A Gel Effect Mani with Layla

Calling out to the beauties who love a long lasting manicure feast your eyes on this Gel Effect nail polish*, that you can do in the comfort of your own home. 

Gel Effect nail polish

Now as you know I’m a sucker for nail lacquers so when I came across this I was keen to try it out. This polish has a semi-permanent gel that promises to leave your manicure scratch and chip free which every girl prays for when they get their nails done.

Coral Red
I must say I was pleasantly surprised by this polish as it certainly delivers, it has a beautiful silky smooth texture when applying and you can get away with just one coat if you wish. It almost adds thickness to your nail giving the illusion of healthy looking nails. It’s the first polish that dries almost instantly which is very hard to find in a good polish. As it looks like we still have a few sunny days I went for this stunning Coral Red colour.

Even before adding my top coat I was left with a high-shine finish without the hustle and bustle of sitting in a jam packed nail salon waiting for a UV lamp.

Perfect manicure
Just to be extra and add even more gloss to my manicure, I finished off with a glossy top coat* to give my salon style manicure its finishing touch.

Check out Layla and Orly collection here