Tuesday, 30 April 2013

"Must Do's" when polishing up

Ø Snip nails to the desired length and then File and buff away. I prefer nails to be quite short with a roundish/slightly square shape. However each to their own and any shape as long as you can function in them is perfect

Ø Whenever you use any polishes always use a “Base & Top coat”, at the moment I’m using China Glaze.
China Glaze "First & Last" coat - Amazon £4.50

Ø Once you have put on the base coat and applied the First coat I always seal the tips before applying the second coat. I find this reduces chipping and helps your manicure last longer.

Ø After applying your desired number of coats, I normally keep it between 2-3 coats maximum. Always apply a top coat.

Ø From day to day I tend to apply a clear top coat to refresh the colour.
ØTo keep those cuticles at bay and moisturised I like to apply cuticle oil everday. I use OPI nail treatments avoplex nail and cuticle replenishing oil which you can buy from boots for £16.50
OPI oil - £16.50 from boots

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