Friday, 6 September 2013

Review: Silky smooth legs with my Braun epilator

Hey guys!! So recently I've had major dramas with my epilator breaking on me (sad times), I have been meaning to replace it but as always left it to the last minute until it completely broke on me, leaving me with half a legs to do.
BraunSilk-épil 7 
I hurried to my local Boots store to purchase my new epilator and to my delight they happen to having some amazing offers on a huge range of epilators. I've had my eye on the Braun Silk-épil 7 collection as you can use it when you are in the shower which might ease the pain. Thank god boots had this on offer and I managed to pick up this baby for £79.99 bargain considering it’s originally £119, let’s face it ladies this will last us a good few years.

A few of my friends have been going on how good their Braun epilators are, making me have epilator envy. I previously had a Remington epilator which has lasted me just over 2 years which was brilliant in the beginning but towards to the end of its times becoming almost useless.
40 Tweezers
BraunSilk-épil 7 has 40 tweezers in built therefore it is sure to pick up my small stray hairs. It also comes with 2 extra head caps, one for my underarms.

I absolutely love this little brush that cleans the epilator after use; I could have done with one of these for my last epilator.

How efficient is this gem it comes with a light so that no small hairs are missed and I guess you can epilate in the dark LOL.

Lights on
Make sure you exfoliate before you epilate any area to get rid of any dead skin, this will reduce the chance of ingrown hairs as well as leaving your skin extra smooth. This large mit is great for that.

Exfoliating mitten
Silky smooth legs

So get yourself down to Boots guys and check out the great offers on theirs epilators!! Wouldn't want you to miss out.


  1. This sounds great, and money saving when u think about how long it lasts you and how much you'd spend on disposable razors, I will look into getting one, thanks xx Emmi

  2. Love that epilator! Gives me major ingrown hairs though, even if I exfoliate! :(

    Xo Sofi

  3. i just bought tge other day the exact the same epil model you have. but my question is that, is the tweezer cap can be purchased in case i wanna change it like after a year or so?

    1. Hi Marie Thank you for taking the time to read my post. i fpund on the link below that you can purchase replacement parts for your product.... I hope this helps