Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Dr Lipp Vs Elizabeth Arden

Now here we have two products both promising to banish and hydrate dry skin. In one corner we have Elizabeth Arden’s all time classic the “8 hours cream” that promises to soothe, restore, calm and help relieve chapped, cracked, dry skin. In the other corner we have Dr Lipp’s “original nipple balm for lips” that is ultra-hydrating for any dry skin areas.
Elizabeth Arden Vs Dr Lipp
Dr Lipp – Original nipple balm for lips
(from £11.50 from SpaceNK http://uk.spacenk.com/WOMEN/SPUK101,en_GB,sc.html)
Mark: 6/10

I was introduced to this product through a friend, who said it was amazing for very dry cracked lips (not sure if she was hinting something to me). When I first tried this product I wasn’t too sure about it for many reasons, firstly not too sure about the whole nipple thing, it doesn’t have a scent to it and the texture of the balm feels very thick and almost sticky. When you first put it on because it’s so thick and sticky it kind of feels a little heavy on the lips. However I would still definitely recommend this to people who have severely cracked lips as it really repairs the damage.  But, as an everyday lip balm, not so good.

Elizabeth Arden – 8 hour cream
Mark: 9/10

I was given this product as a gift and since that day it's been one of my staples. I am prone to dry lips unfortunately, and find it hard to find a lip balm that hydrates my crusty lips without weighing it down. However I swear by this product as it glides on the lips beautifully without the sticky sensation. This lip balm has a very subtle but moreish scent with a hint of lavender. Depending on the temperature determines the thickness of the balm, for instance in cold weather conditions the balm comes out quite thick but as soon as it hits your lips it instantly melts and forms a subtle gloss. I would definitely recommend this product as an everyday lip balm and it also repair cracked lips so for me this is the winning product.

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