Thursday, 16 May 2013

Maybelline's Express Remover

So beauties!! How excited am I about Maybelline’s “Express Remover” nail polish remover it’s a god send. I’ve been looking for ages for one of these pots as I can be lazy when it comes to removing my nail polish and I end up peeling the nail polish off (horror) just because I can’t be bothered to take it off with a cotton pad. Well this little gem does what it says on the label, you literally dip your finger maybe give it a little twist and off pops the colour. It’s really good when you are doing your manicure and muck up that one finger as all you need to do is pop your finger in and you can start again rather than getting cotton wool onto your other finger tips when you are trying to correct the problem.

The only flaw about the products is when you’ve used it a number of times it starts to become a little bit more difficult to take off your polish and the sponge becomes coated in different polish that maybe mark those tips. Other than that this product is a must in every girl’s beauty box.

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