Thursday, 16 May 2013

Maybelline Polka dot launch

So the other weeks Maybelline was hosting an event to celebrate the launch of their “Polka dot” color show collection. This is perfect for adding art work to those lifeless fingertips or for just jazzing up your fabulous manicure.
Color Show collection at Boots & Superdrug from £2.99

On that particular night I discovered the Maybelline color show collection. Now when it comes to nail polishes I tend to stick to my fave brands which tend to be pricey because unfortunately I’m one of those people who believe the more you pay the better quality the product is (which isn’t always the case). This is why I’ve never paid other brands any attention.  However I must say this particular collection is great for those looking for luscious nails at an affordable price. The color show collection has some really vibrant and exciting colours with some great names to match.

I’ve already fallen for the “Winter baby” colour which is a white nail lacquer, now I was a bit apprehensive about white polishes in general and always find that the texture is very thin and you have to keep adding layers (which means longer drying time and gooey texture) to get the full colour. With “winter baby” I did 3 layers and I would keep it to a maximum of 4 and you end up with a colour as white as snow which is dead on trend at the moment.  If you want to add a different look to your polish you can add a coat of the polka dot range to either a single nail or your to your whole manicure.

Winter Baby and Chalk dust

White lacquer with a touch of chalk dust

Winter baby
 I would say the only flaw of the Polka dot collection is when it comes to removing it the dots themselves can be tricky to get rid of but other than that you must this nail lacquer is a must try!!!

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