Monday, 12 August 2013

Review: ILLAMASQUA - Eye brow Cake

I recently popped into the Illamasqua store near Carnaby Street in London, on the prowl for a new eye brow pencil. I had heard rave reviews on Illamasqua’s “Eye BrowCake” which is in the form of a powder.

ILLAMASQUA - Eyebrow cake

The very helpful beauty assistant was more than happy to show and give me helpful tips on how to apply the powder as I am so use to the good old pencil. She matched me to the "Thunder" colour, which is a medium brown colour.

First of all get yourself a good small angled brush; I happened to have one already by Mac.  It is important to get the correct brush as it will help to give you precise lines when defining your eyebrows.

Mac - Small angled brush
To get the more soft and natural eyebrow look that I tend to go for, gently dab the brush into the powder dusting off any excess and follow the natural shape of your brow. Try to brush in the direction of the hair to avoid the patchy eyebrow look. Like you do when applying a bronzer you can build up the colour and definition to your desire.

Before applying ILLAMASQUA Eye brow cake

After applying ILLAMASQUA eye brow cake

If you wish to go for a more edgier and defined eyebrow simply apply a tiny bit of water to the back of your hand and mix the powder into it, and again when applying to your eyebrow follow the natural shape. You will see the colour become darker.

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